Vindicta Review – Dumb Enemy AI, Weird Locomotion, and an Awful Protagonist

It is not entirely surprising some VR users are growing tired of all the "shooter" games being developed these days. This particular type of game has been tried and tested so many times, it...

Codename Phantom Review – Thirty Minutes of Content in a Boring Package

If there is one thing we see far too often in VR gaming, it has to be short-lived games. More specifically, the vast majority of new VR games has an hour of content or...

Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood Review – Skippable in Every Way

In the world of VR gaming, one has to often the good with the bad. For owners of the PlayStation VR and HTC VIve, Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood is a game which has...

ARK Park Review – A Horrendous Game in the ARK Franchise

Although we do like VR games based on TV shows and existing franchises, there is always a degree of skepticism involved as well. When we first learned about ARK Park, the expectations were rather...


TheVRBase Oculus Go 199

The Oculus Go VR Headset can be Yours for Just $199

Oculus has hinted at developing its new standalone VR headset for some time now. Known as the Oculus Go, the device is designed to...

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