Panzer Panic Review – Fun for a While but Lacks Online Multiplayer

When new VR games come to market, is it evident there are some high expectations associated with these creations. Panzer Panic, for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, is a shooter game with a...

Cosmic Trip Review – A Hidden Gem for RTS Fans

Strategy games in virtual reality are always worth giving a try. Although the results are often hit-and-miss, Comis Trip certainly struck a chord with us. This game is currently available on HTC Vive and...


TheVRBase IQiyi 4K VR Headset

China’s IQiyi Confirms Launch of a Mobile 4K VR Headset

Competition is more than welcome in the world of VR headsets. iQiyi is a company most Westerners are not familiar with. The Chinese Baidu-owned...