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Day of Destruction Review – Repetitive B-rated Sci-fi Action Game

A VR game by the name of Day of Destruction will certainly get a lot of attention. Sci-fi action games are very easy to come by in the VR industry, and developers are struggling to make their titles stand out. Day of Destruction doesn’t stand out in the slightest and it suffers from incredibly repetitive gameplay. The game is available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at a price of $11.99. Picking up this game can wait until the price drops by 50% or more, though.

Day of Destruction is a B-rated Game at Best

After paying a few dozen sci-fi action game, there is very little that will amaze or surprise players. This is especially true in the world of VR gaming, where some gameplay elements are almost too common. Day of Destruction seems to be a game combining elements of Independence Day, War of the worlds, and some other sci-fi movies you might have seen. However, you are not protecting earth from an alien invasion in this game. Instead, you are part of the invading force, which is pretty interesting. Unfortunately, that is pretty much where the fun will end for most players unless you genuinely like to repeat the same actions for an hour or two.

To be more specific, there are six different planets to attack. Every planet has four major cities which need to be wiped out. It sounds like a lot of content, but that is not entirely the case whatsoever. Laying waste to cities with highly irregular weapons is cool, at first, but the novelty wears off incredibly quickly. Players need to focus on specific and scarcely located buildings, including skyscrapers. Visually, the game doesn’t look impressive or appealing at all, and you will be quite tired of the quality by the time you read the fourth planet.

The lack of originality hits you after about the fifth or sixth level The missions don’t change, the gameplay itself remains the same, and you can’t even control the UFO you fly around with. It is evident Day of Destruction could have been so much better in this regard, yet it is a big let down in the end. There are some upgrades to collect, but eventually, it is all about the grind. Thankfully the music is on point throughout the entire game, as it is by far the best aspect of this game altogether.

Once you get through the game, there is no reason to come back for more fun whatsoever. Improving your score on the leaderboards isn’t appealing by any means, and replaying specific levels with upgraded weapons only makes the game even easier. It feels there is no real challenge to Day of Destruction, and there isn’t enough variety in the graphics department. A big letdown, although it could still be worth picking up for less than $5 in a few months.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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