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Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood Review – Skippable in Every Way

In the world of VR gaming, one has to often the good with the bad. For owners of the PlayStation VR and HTC VIve, Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood is a game which has some appeal, even though it is not the best wave shooter we have seen to date. In fact, it has a few odd quirks which can easily become pretty frustrating after a while. For the price of $14.99, we certainly expected a lot more.

Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood Falls Short in Different Ways

Truth be told, testing out new wave shooters in VR has almost become a chore first and foremost. That in itself is not a positive development, as it goes to show there is an abundance of games in this particular niche. Moreover, most of these games fail to stand out in any meaningful manner, and Lunar Stone certainly fails to do so. It is a stationary wave shooter, which immediately reduces its overall appeals by quite a few notches.

With no real background story to take note of, you are virtually thrown into the action. Your objective is to look for the Lunar Stones, although it is evident this will go by most players first and foremost. While you have a few different weapons to choose from, the choices are still pretty much limited. After all, you need to beat the campaign to unlock two additional weapons, which are not all that novel by any means. You can also dodge attacks by moving your head left or right, which works fine, but might make some players queasy.

Visually, Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood is not exactly impressive either. While there are some decent environments, the rest just falls woefully short. The close attention to high school girls with slutty attire shows the developers clearly have a different mindset compared to what people might want to see. With just five stages to choose from, the game doesn’t have the most gameplay to offer either, albeit that is not entirely surprising either.

In the end, there is nothing we can really appreciate about Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood. This is a tech demo at best, and one that belongs in the $1 bin as well. While it is good to see more developers bring content to VR, games like this certainly raise a lot of questions. It is not appealing, partially due to its boring gameplay, partially due to the lack of content, and mainly because of the high price.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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