Paramount and Bigscreen Offer a Free VR Viewing of Top Gun

These are rather exciting times for the virtual reality industry as a whole. Not only are new generations of headsets underway, but we also see more VR content come to market. More specifically, Paramount Home Media Distribution has partnered with Bigscreen to offer free VR showings of Top Gun in 3D. It is an interesting opportunity to showcase the benefits of at-home content consumption in a virtual reality environment.

Watching Top Gun in Virtual Reality

Although most people have seen the movie Top Gun more often than they can count, it’s always good to explore new opportunities. More specifically, being able to watch this movie in 3D while wearing a VR headset is an option well worth exploring. Especially when you can do so free of charge through the BigScreen VR app. Users will be able to enter the virtual theater lobby through app starting December 29th at 6 PM EST. The film will show at regular intervals for a 24-hour period. An interesting take on going to the movies, that much is rather evident.

According to Bigscreen, this experience will feel as if viewers are effectively in a movie theater. That is no easy feat, mind you. A movie theater has always been magical because you can see movies on a very big screen. With VR, this concept can be replicated at home, although your eyeballs will be a lot closer to the content in question. Whether or not that may prove to be a health risk, remains to be seen. After all, several studies touch upon the possible dangers of using a VR headset for an extended period of time.

Getting Paramount Home Media Distribution on board for such a venture is rather interesting. While the company acknowledges the potential of VR, they have not made a big impact just yet. Bigscreen’s VR platform offers them a way to experiment with new technologies. Bringing content to fans in their homes is an important venture for Paramount in this regard. Having multiple entertainment options at one’s disposal can only be considered to be a good thing. Especially if they are free to use, even though we have to contend with limited availability.

As one would expect, this offer isn’t available all over the world. Instead, it is only available to residents in the United States. The Bigscreen VR app is available through Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Oculus Store. Users will need a Windows 10 computer and a compatible headset to take advantage of this free screening. It will be quite interesting to see how many people will make use of this offer. It’s always good to have more entertainment to enjoy during the Christmas holidays.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.