Pixvana’s New Software Lets Creators Edit Videos Through a VR Headset

There is still a big lack of virtual reality content outside of games and short experiences. Without the right tools to make good things happen, it seems highly unlikely anything major will change in this regard. Pixvana might be on the right track through its new VR production software. Editing content while wearing a VR headset will open up a lot of new opportunities moving forward.

The Pixvana Solution has Tremendous Potential

At this time, editing virtual reality content has proven to be very challenging. It is not something one can do while wearing a VR headset directly. That situation will come to change fairly soon, courtesy of Pixvana. The company’s new toolkit effectively bridges the gap between wearing a VR headset and editing content on the fly. It seems like something that should have existed a while ago, yet it seems the first toolkits are only now coming to market.

This new software is known as SPIN Studio. It lets virtual reality filmmakers edit, process, and deliver video at 8K resolution. Although this toolkit is not just designed for movie producers, it is a solution everyone can benefit from. As long as more content comes to market, the VR industry can continue to grow and evolve as a whole.

Pixvana CEO Forest Key adds:

“With this release, we’ve completely reimagined the way people create interactive stories, and made it possible for them to unlock the real potential of VR media. Both expert and novice creators can now make VR video experiences and engage with audiences in more powerful ways – enlivening events, presentations, classrooms, tours and more.”

The bigger question is whether or not SPIN Studio will fill a gap in the content market. There are still plenty of companies looking to explore opportunities in this industry. Creating more video content will play an integral role in this regard, although virtual reality is not a medium which seems to lend itself to consuming video content on a regular basis as of right now.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.