Recruitment post for a terrorist organization in my neighborhood gets ignored

I’ve been receiving spam messages with links to random porn sites on my phone for quite some time now. I usually ignore these messages but today I decided to take a look deeper to see where they were coming from.

The domain that these messages originated on was When you go to this domain on your phone, you get an error message that this domain is unreachable.

However, if you take a deeper look you can tell there is more to it that meets the eye.

By opening the developer console on chrome, you can take a look at the elements on the page. What you will find is a few hidden elements in the form of base64 encoded audio and image data.

when you copy the first 2 values into your notepad you will find these words:







Does that not look like a recruitment for someone to place a bomb on a person named Ruby’s car that is possibly a KKK member???

[want]kay -> jskxOU[bkmBxr] -> [ruby][KKk]rdgz -> jKro[Ralf]

When I realized what this might be, I realized the only right thing to do is to call the local police department. For some reason, they aren’t taking it seriously though. Also, my post on Nextdoor got removed for an unknown reason.

Moreover, after I made the post on nextdoor, 3 new elements got added that said “press” “hit” “reached”.

Here’s the website that had the files:

This is beyond fucked up and I really hope that this gets the attention it deserves.

By needforbeans

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