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Run of Mydan Review – On-rail Shooting at its Finest

On the rails VR games are a type of venture that isn’t explored by developers all that often. Run of Mydan is one of the few games exploring this option in an interesting way. Exploring an alien world while you are on the move at all times is quite enjoyable. The game is available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, even though it is still in the Early Access stage on Steam. It is a unique title in every way, though, but we had a good time playing it.

Run of Mydan is not Your Average VR Game

On-rails shooters in VR are usually a big success. It is strange to see so few developers explore this opportunity. Most games suffer from restricted movements for the player, but Run of Mydan shows that is not necessarily the case. While the environments in this game may feel a bit overwhelming at times, the game is done extremely well. There is a story mode -which also features co-op – to take into account, which is pretty challenging and chaotic at times. The game is pretty tough from the first level onward and will make you replay several parts of each level.

It is good to see the developer snot spoon-feed Run of Mydan players. Too many games do a lot of handholding, which stifles the experience a bit. There are multiple weapons to choose from, and the storytelling in this game is pretty solid. Although some users may find the learning curve too steep,pushing through the challenges is more than rewarding. Some controls take some time getting used to, but all things considered, it is a very enjoyable experience.

Fights including puzzle combinations will involve a fair bit of frustration on the player’s end. That is not surprising as it is already difficult enough to keep track of things without the puzzles. Finding the right balance will not be easy at first, but you will master it eventually. Again, there is no handholding in this game and players have to bring their A-game to successfully complete Run of Mydan. We can understand not everyone appreciates a steep learning curve, but it’s refreshing to be challenged by a game in virtual reality these days.

For a game that is still in Early Access, Run of Mydan is as good as we had hopes for. It is exciting, the on-rail shooting genre is still alive, and the challenge is certainly present. It could become one of the top games in the months to come. The multiplayer option may be a big of  a problem, though, as it all depends on how many players favor online gameplay. That is not just  a big question mark for this game, but for all VR games in general.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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