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The Wizards Review – A fun and Hectic Spell-slinging Wave Shooter

Virtual reality games are often a great source of incredible entertainment. Especially when that game brings fantasy elements to life. Many among us always wondered what it would be like to play like a wizard. Oddly enough, The Wizards is a wave shooter first and foremost, but it also includes exploration, lore, and odd creatures. The game is available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive at the time of writing.

The Wizards is a Fantasy-based Wave Shooter

It is good to see games like these come with a healthy chunk of single player content. More often than not, game developers neglect single player and focus on online gaming. As intriguing as that may sound for VR headset owners, communities are often very small. The Wizards does things the right way, in this regard, and the campaign mode will keep players engaged for two to three hours. Dying is not a good idea, though, as you will literally fail the entire level.

One thing the game does extremely well is look as polished as possible. Granted, VR content still has its visual limitations to deal with, but the developers make the most of what they have at their disposal. As the name suggests this is a wave shooter with a fantasy twist. You fight off hordes of monsters with wizard skills, including fireballs. Telekinesis, and frost spells. All spells activated by executing the proper movement in the air using your controllers or hands, depending on how you prefer to play.

Do keep in mind The Wizards only provides six spells to players. That is not a high number, but it also helps to avoid confusion and keep things as user-friendly as possible. More spells are still under development from what we understand and they will be introduced through a future patch. Casting a spell feels like you are effectively a wizard, including the on-screen visuals.  Additionally, players get some haptic feedback through the controllers as well

Although the game looks polished, there is little interaction with the environment. It would be nice if your fireball set a bush on fire, but it is a more than acceptable game for the time being. All things considered, The Wizards provides fun gameplay with great graphics, an immersive atmosphere, and great controls. It takes some time to get used to the controls, but you can’t expect to fling frost bolts from the first try. If some more content is added to the game, it more than justifies the US$19 99 price tag.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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