Valorant Will Have a Gifting and Replay System

During the latest Ask Valorant #3 Reddit post, Riot Games developers verified that they are working on a gifting system similar to what League of Legends has, and also an in-game replay system.

The developers stated that the gifting system is scheduled to get released at the end of 2020. Unfortunately, there are no current estimates as to when the in-game replay system will be available, but that’s something the dev team is actively exploring.

The AMA reddit thread also revealed a few more interesting upcoming featured for Valorant. One big issue that is facing Valorant is the fact that the game is unfortunately not fun to watch for the observer. The reason due to lack of viewership and engagement on twitch is because Valorant is only fun to watch if you are also playing the game.

To tackle this issue, Riot games are working on a few changes to their observing client as it relates to esports. The current observing is in fact bare bones, the team believes that Valorant has the potential for a loved esport but that can only be achieved by a solid observing client. While there aren’t any specific details as to what changes are coming to the observing client, the team will share more in the coming months.

Last but not least, the team revealed how many Radiant-tier players there are in the world, only 20-150 Radiant players per region! That’s an insanely small pool out of the thousands of players that queue in competitive. What’s more is that you will lose your rank as a Radian player if you don’t play for 14 days and will need to re-earn it.

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