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VR Dungeon Knight Review – A Brilliant Dungeon Crawler

The virtual gaming industry is in dire need of some decent RPG creations.VR Dungeon Knight finally seems to fill this gaping hole in our hearts. The game focuses on dungeon crawling with some minor RPG elements and can be explored in both offline and online fashion. While the online gaming aspect isn’t exactly great, everything else just makes the game so enjoyable. Right now, VR Dungeon Knight is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift through the Steam store.

VR Dungeon Knight is Absolutely Amazing

Although the game title may seem to be a misleading, don’t be fooled, as this is not an easy game whatsoever. This is partially due to some bugs, but that is to be expected from an Early Access title. The developer has been working hard on sorting out most issues through regular updates and the experience is almost smooth these days. Some of these bugs can effectively be used to one’s advantage when playing in co-op mode, which can yield some interesting results.

The main bread and butter of VR Dungeon knight is the dungeon crawling aspect. Every dungeon has no real ‘path” players need to follow, which allows for a lot of choices and creative approaches. There are always some objectives you must complete for additional rewards, but these are not mandatory and don’t need to be done in a specific order. Once you enter a dungeon, the rest is up to you, though, which makes this an excellent game for fans of the genre.

On the difficulty front, it sometimes feels a bit easy, whereas other fights can be rather difficult. VR Dungeon Knight lets players choose between Normal and Nightmare difficulty. On paper, these aren’t exactly that different from one another, other than the nightmare option resulting in bigger dungeons. An interesting decision, although we wouldn’t mind seeing more difficult fights along the way. Still, it is an Early Access title, and there is still lots of work to be done in this regard.

Other appealing aspects include the combat system, controls, and the audio in the game. It feels like you are in a genuine dungeon where you fight for your life. The multiplayer aspect isn’t of big concern to us, as we hardly play online games these days. We do appreciate the co-op mode, though, as we had plenty of fun with that one so far. We are big fans of VR Dungeon Knight and hope to see some more good content added to this game in the coming months.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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