Williamson County Gets its First Virtual Reality Arcade

Virtual reality arcades lower the barrier to entry for consumers. Exploring this innovative technology is often considered to be very expensive and now convenient. Arcades can make that process a bit more straightforward. Franklin in Williamson County is set to receive its first VR arcade in the near future

More VR Arcades are Coming

No one should be really surprised to learn virtual reality arcades remain increasingly popular. For operators, the hefty upfront investment usually repays itself fairly quickly. While consumers want to get a hands-on approach with VR in this day and age, they are unlikely to buy a headset for this specific purpose. From an entertainment point of view, a VR arcade is simply the better option.

Across the United States, such VR arcades are becoming relatively common these days. The first room-scale VR arcade will open its doors in Williamson County on November 10th. This marks an important milestone for the region, as VR has not made any meaningful impact in this neck of the woods yet. The location will go by the name of Digital Worlds VR.

At the premises, users will be able to rent one of seven different stations. Each station is 100 square feet, and over 80 different games will be made available to clients. The operators want to cater to individuals, as well as groups and families in this regard. During the grand opening, users can play 15 minutes free of charge prior to making any commitments for further playing.

It seems Digital Worlds VR sees things in a bright light. They will roll out support for renting multiple stations during birthday parties or other occasions Teambuilding events and office parties will also be an option, which makes this location appealing for a wide variety of reasons. More VR arcades can get more people interested in virtual reality, which is always a good thing.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.