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What is the VR180 Standard?

There's never a boring day in the world of virtual reality technology. Google has introduced a brand new video and audio format for VR. Although it has not been integrated as of yet, the...

What is the Sense Glove?

Similar to any other form of gaming "trend", virtual reality comes with its own accessories and peripherals. The Sense Glove is perhaps one of the most interesting creations we have seen so far. More...

What is Digisexuality?

Gender equation has been a major topic of conversation over the past few months. It now seems virtual reality may only complicate matters further. More specifically, some industry experts are concerned over the introduction...

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Indoor Skydiving?

There are many great things one can achieve with virtual reality, both now and in the future. Indoor skydiving may not necessarily warrant the use of a VR headset, but there is a use...
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Samsung Gear VR Users can get a Refund for Digital Purchases

Most VR headset owners will have bought an app or game they were genuinely disappointed with. In most cases, getting a refund is practically impossible. Owners of the Samsung Gear VR are in luck,...

What is the Virtuali-Tee?

Finding useful applications for virtual reality technology on a consumer level is anything but straightforward. Other than playing games or watching sports, there seemingly isn't much to do. People who want to find out...

What is Tele-existence?

When it comes to experiencing virtual reality, many people will do so from the comfort of their own home. In some cases, people may venture to a VR arcade to see what all of...

What are Head-coupled Interactions?

Head tracking will eventually become the new norm in the world of virtual reality. Right now, very few VR headsets are equipped to perform this analysis. Once that situation changes, features such as head-coupled...

What are Effectors?

Many people see the virtual reality ecosystem as an interesting concept. Venturing into VR requires users to immerse themselves in the proper environment. Virtual reality headsets are one way to go about things. However,...

What is Virtual MIS?

Virtual reality will impact many different aspects of daily life as we know it today. Especially in the medical sector, as VR environments can serve as a proper training exercise. Virtual MIS will become...



Scientists Bring Mouth Gesture Capabilities to Virtual Reality

Interaction in the virtual reality world can prove to be somewhat difficult these days. Motion gestures aren't always recorded properly, and eye-tracking technology just...