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TheVRBase VR Trends

Top 4 Trends Which Will Make Virtual Reality More Mainstream

Using a VR headset is about much more than gaming. Although that is not always apparent to consumers, there are a lot of innovative trends worth keeping an eye on. In fact, virtual reality...
business vr

Top 3 Future Business Opportunies for VR and AR

Bringing virtual reality to the masses will be a big challenge. Even though a lot of developers focus on gaming right now, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored. Augmented reality and...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part III

California is definitely a vibrant place when it comes to virtual reality arcades. They have quite a few locations at people's disposal, as we discussed in part I and II of this series. In...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part II

As we mentioned in part I of the series, there are quite a few locations across California to enjoy virtual reality. Not all of these locations will provide similar experiences, but they are all...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part I

One of the new trends in virtual reality comes in the form of VR arcades. These locations allow users to experience virtual reality for a limited amount of time in exchange for a modest...

Top Locations to Experience Virtual Reality in Japan – part I

Japan is the place to be when it comes to virtual reality experiences. This is especially true in Tokyo, as there are so many VR arcades and locations available to consumers. It is expected...

Top 3 Ways for Virtual Reality to Shake up the Healthcare Sector

Even though it is obvious virtual reality will shake up a lot of industries moving forward, it remains to be seen what the future holds. The healthcare industry is prone to a major VR...
visual vr

Top 3 VR Apps For Visual Artists

Virtual reality can be a great tool for creators and visual artists. Anyone active in the world of drawing, painting, and even sculpting can find something in the virtual reality world that is of...
vr business

8 Breakthrough Ways VR Will Impact Businesses in 2017

People often get confused by the term virtual reality and augmented reality. Although they are related in nature, they are in fact quite different. The factor that they have in common is that they...
vr gaming issues

Top 3 Issues Holding VR Mass Adoption Back For Now

Even though consumer-grade virtual reality hardware is still in the early stages of development, there are some issues that need to be sorted out. It is not entirely surprising to learn people have some...



Theseus Review – Far too Short to be Truly Entertaining

Virtual reality games come in many different shapes and sizes. One thing everyone expects is to see a first-person perspective. That is not the...