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lose weight vr

Can You Lose Weight by Playing Virtual Reality Games?

Everyone who has ever played in virtual reality or saw someone else, may have noticed it is quite the workout. Although spending time in VR does not even come close to a regular gym...
vr history

A Brief History of Virtual Reality Headsets Part 1 – VFX1 and Glasstron

Virtual reality is an industry that has undergone quite a lot of changes over the years. It may surprise you that the first VR headsets came to fruition back in 1994. Interestingly enough, it...
full immersion vr

What is Full Immersion VR

Typically, a VR experience stimulates both vision and hearing. However, when it comes to physically touching or smelling objects in VR the technology hasn't advanced that far quite yet. Full VR Immersion tries to...
vr sensory information

Are Our Bodies Capable of Handling VR Sensory Information?

Even though virtual reality is quite an appealing concept, there are still concerns that need to be taken into account. For instance, a lot of people wonder if their body can cope with long-term...
jobs vr

What Does the Job Sector Hold for Virtual Reality Enthusiasts?

One of the pressing questions on a lot of people's minds is whether or not virtual reality will be a booming job sector. It is rather difficult to answer that question right away, although...
vr for pornhub

Is Virtual Reality for Porn?

Hardly anyone will be surprised to learn there is one industry thriving thanks to virtual reality. The adult entertainment sector sees a significant influx of users every single day. To be more specific, the...
screen door effect

What is the Screen-door Effect?

One of the most common occurrences in the world of virtual reality is something known as the screen-door effect. Albeit not all players and users are susceptible to this visual effect, it can easily...
vr metaverse

What is the Virtual Reality Metaverse?

There are quite a few different terms virtual reality enthusiasts have to be aware of at all times. While most of the commonly used terminology needs little to no explanation, there are some concepts...
vr headset relevancy

Will a VR Headset Remain Relevant For Years to Come?

Whenever an innovative technology comes around, one of the primary questions is whether or not one should buy the first generation of hardware. This question is especially true for the VR sector. Even though...

What is 6 Degrees of Freedom

When mentioning VR content, you may hear the term 6 Degrees of Freedom or 6DoF for short being thrown around. In short, 6DoF refers to the freedom of movement within a VR experience. While...


TheVRSoldier Google Light Fields VR Technology

VR Isn’t Getting Many People Excited At CES 2019

Even though many people expected big things from virtual reality at CES 2019, it seems those expectations are not met at this time. Although...