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What is a Magic Wand?

Interacting with objects and the environment is an important aspect of virtual reality. Hand gestures alone are often insufficient to achieve this goal. A magic wand or some sorts can certainly do the trick....

What is Focus Variation and why Does it Matter?

There is a lot more to virtual reality than most consumers acknowledge. It is quite an intricate process to create a decent VR headset. There are many different hardware and software components to take...

What is Object Technology?

Making a VR experience as realistic as possible will be a big challenge. In the real world, objects tend to change shape or emit a certain sound when one interacts with it. Translating this...
productivity in virtual reality

Can Virtual Reality Make you a More Productive Worker?

Although virtual reality headsets are mainly looked at as entertainment devices, they could offer other benefits as well. To be more precise, it is possible such a headset can make people more productive. By...
erleben experience

What is the Erleben Experience?

There are quite a few fancy terms associated with the virtual reality world, that much is evident. One of the terms most people will come across goes by the name of "erleben experience". While...
vr killer app

What is Virtual Reality’s Killer App?

One term technology enthusiasts often like to use is "killer app." Every new innovation needs its groundbreaking feature to ensure mainstream adoption. For virtual reality, finding that killer app could prove to be rather difficult,...

What is the Interpupillary Distance?

There is quite a lot of technology involved in creating useful virtual reality headsets. Interpupillary distance, for example, is an integral aspect of creating a proper HMD. It is also rather difficult to ensure...

What is Photogrammetry?

Most users who have put on a VR headset often wonder how they can virtually walk around in existing locations without being there. This level of realism is made possible thanks to a technique...
vr social

Is Virtual Reality Harmful Towards Social Behavior?

One of the most often heard complaints is how our society's focus on technology reduces our social skills. It is certainly true the number of "socially awkward" individuals keeps increasing every year. However, it...
screen door effect

What is the Screen-door Effect?

One of the most common occurrences in the world of virtual reality is something known as the screen-door effect. Albeit not all players and users are susceptible to this visual effect, it can easily...


google cardboard vr

Google Extends WebVR Functionality To Cardboard VR Headsets

Google has been working hard on making their VR solutions more accessible to consumers. Not only has the company launched a very affordable VR...