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What is Intel’s DisplayLink XR?

For the longest time, virtual reality enthusiasts have been looking for wireless HMD solutions. Until this week, that seemed highly unlikely, unless one settles for a mobile headset. Intel is coming up with a...
TheVRSoldier Thrustmaster VR Sims

Latest VR Sales Figures are Not Very Promising

While reports of VR technoloy entering various technical domains such as healthcare, psychiatry, keep emerging on a near daily basis, sales figures related to VR hardware show that the industry at large is experiencing a...

Oculus Reveals Crucial Details Regarding Its Varifocal Half-dome VR Prototype

Earlier last month, it was widely reported across the internet that Doug Lanman of Oculus (now part of Facebook’s Reality Labs) along with his team had been working on a new piece of VR...
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What is the Best VR Headset to Watch Movies in 3D?

Consumers will use their VR headsets for many different purposes. Some people prefer to play games, whereas others will delve into the app ecosystem. Video content consumption is one of the obvious, such uses...
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Will Consumers Ever be Able to Invest in Virtual Reality?

As we have come to expect from any booming industry, the VR sector will present some investment opportunities. Unfortunately, consumers will not be able to make big profits anytime soon. It is evident there...
erleben experience

What is the Erleben Experience?

There are quite a few fancy terms associated with the virtual reality world, that much is evident. One of the terms most people will come across goes by the name of "erleben experience". While...
TheVRBase Google Blocks

What is Google Blocks?

It is evident VR technology can be used for different purposes. Creative individuals will have a field day with this technology moving forward. Google Blocks is a very viable tool in this regard, as...

Can i sit Down While Using a VR Headset?

When people think of virtual reality, it is only normal they would wear a headset whilst standing up. However, a lot of VR content can also be consumed while sitting down, which is quite...

What is Haptic Retargeting?

There are quite a few fancy terms in the world of virtual reality. That is only to be expected from a technologically complex subject. Haptic retargeting is a term coined by Microsoft, even though...

What is Foveated Rendering?

In the world of virtual reality, there are many different ways to render good graphics. One method often being used is called foveated rendering. It is an excellent way to focus on whatever the...


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Sony Confirms it has Sold Over 1 Million PlayStation VR Units

Even though a lot of consumers remain on the fence about virtual reality, some manufacturers see great sales figures. The PlayStation VR, for example,...