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Top 3 Ways for Virtual Reality to Shake up the Healthcare Sector

Even though it is obvious virtual reality will shake up a lot of industries moving forward, it remains to be seen what the future holds. The healthcare industry is prone to a major VR...
opportunities in VR

Top 3 Opportunities for VR in 2017 and Beyond

The virtual reality sector is still growing, yet experts are already making predictions for how things will change in the coming years. It is true VR has tremendous potential to shake up the world of...
top affordable vr headsets

Top 7 Cheap VR Headsets

When looking to choose a VR headset one can get overwhelmed by all the options. While there are only a select few high end VR headsets, there are an overwhelming amount of cheaper and...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part I

One of the new trends in virtual reality comes in the form of VR arcades. These locations allow users to experience virtual reality for a limited amount of time in exchange for a modest...
top vr headsets

Top 4 VR Headsets

For those new to Virtual Reality, the amount of options available when it comes to choosing a headset an be overwhelming. This article will go over some of the top VR headsets on the...
vr content

Top 4 Content Types That Need to Embrace Virtual Reality Opportunities

The Virtual Reality world is all about applications and games, by the look of things. A lot of companies are rushing to market with their creations in the hope of tying new users to...

Top 6 Virtual Reality Startups Worth Keeping an eye on

It is evident the virtual reality sector is of great interest to both consumers and investors right now. The list of VR-oriented companies on platforms such as Crunchbase continues to grow at an unprecedented...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part II

As we mentioned in part I of the series, there are quite a few locations across California to enjoy virtual reality. Not all of these locations will provide similar experiences, but they are all...
top vr companies

Top 5 Virtual Reality Companies

Even though the virtual reality ecosystem is getting more competitive every year, there are four companies who seemingly dominate the market right now. Google, Oculus, HTC, and Samsung are all market leaders in their...
vr e3

Top 3 VR Game Announcements from E3

Recently, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) concluded its yearly convention. As usual, major announcements from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft grabbed the attention of audiences worldwide at the largest video game expo of the year....