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business vr

Top 3 Future Business Opportunies for VR and AR

Bringing virtual reality to the masses will be a big challenge. Even though a lot of developers focus on gaming right now, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored. Augmented reality and...
vr content

Top 4 Content Types That Need to Embrace Virtual Reality Opportunities

The Virtual Reality world is all about applications and games, by the look of things. A lot of companies are rushing to market with their creations in the hope of tying new users to...

Top Locations to Experience Virtual Reality in Japan – part I

Japan is the place to be when it comes to virtual reality experiences. This is especially true in Tokyo, as there are so many VR arcades and locations available to consumers. It is expected...
visual vr

Top 3 VR Apps For Visual Artists

Virtual reality can be a great tool for creators and visual artists. Anyone active in the world of drawing, painting, and even sculpting can find something in the virtual reality world that is of...
top affordable vr headsets

Top 7 Cheap VR Headsets

When looking to choose a VR headset one can get overwhelmed by all the options. While there are only a select few high end VR headsets, there are an overwhelming amount of cheaper and...

Top VR Arcades in California – Part II

As we mentioned in part I of the series, there are quite a few locations across California to enjoy virtual reality. Not all of these locations will provide similar experiences, but they are all...
healthcare vr

Top 6 Healthcare Companies Embracing Virtual Reality

Quite a few healthcare companies are actively experimenting with new and innovative technologies. It is evident that Virtual Reality technology can play a big role in the future of healthcare. In fact, quite a...
vr e3

Top 3 VR Game Announcements from E3

Recently, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) concluded its yearly convention. As usual, major announcements from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft grabbed the attention of audiences worldwide at the largest video game expo of the year....
vr accessory

Top 4 Virtual Reality Accessories

When it comes to truly experiencing Virtual Reality, owning a headset and a powerful computer or smartphone is not always enough. There will be plenty of use cases for particular accessories, even though the...
vr gaming issues

Top 3 Issues Holding VR Mass Adoption Back For Now

Even though consumer-grade virtual reality hardware is still in the early stages of development, there are some issues that need to be sorted out. It is not entirely surprising to learn people have some...



The HTC Vive Focus Shapes up Quite Nicely

A lot more information regarding the HTC VIve Focus VR headset has been made available. It seems things are looking pretty good for this...