Adult Web Virtual Reality(AWVR) Initiates Indiegogo Campaign for Developing Customizable Online Avatars

What does the project aim to deliver?

The idea behind AWVR’s new platform is to help customers create a highly realistic online avatar which will allow them to enter different virtual clubs and interact with other individuals. To be more specific, users will have the ability to customize their avatar and define specific assets such as their height, weight, hair colour as well as finer attributes like the shape and size of the avatars lips, nose, breast/chest etc.

Also worth noting is the fact that this platform will be compatible with a wide array of adult products including toys, wearables, and VR headsets. However, to realize this dream, AWVR is currently looking to raise $500,000 (USD) so that development can be carried out as per the envisioned roadmap.

Lastly, a spokesperson for AWVR recently spoke with virtual reality reporter where he laid out his company’s plan to evolve the platform in a way such that it provides users with “an opportunity to experience a social and sexual environment that does not exclude anybody.”

Final Take

VR technology has already been scouted by the adult entertainment industry as being a potential gamechanger and with this latest move, AWVR has taken another step that might launch the company into the upper echelons of the entertainment sphere.

However, before VR becomes widely adopted, there are still many technical creases related to scalability that need to be ironed.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.