Australian Winemakers Use VR and AR To Boost Tourism Appeal

One wouldn’t necessarily expect winemakers to embrace virtual reality technology. It is often the business model which most people don’t think about which yields the better results The Australian Federal government is quite keen on using VR in the winemaking industry. An intriguing venture which can easily set a global precedent.

Winemakers and VR Reality is a Solid Mix

The Australian Federal Government has made it clear they want wineries to embrace VR technology. So much even that AU$2.8m in funding will be invested in winemaking bodies to launch projects boosting overall tourism. So far, three of these bodies are looking for ways to incorporate VR technology into their future business model.

To put this into perspective, the current plan of action is to develop winemaker-oriented VR and AR experiences. Riverland Wine, for example, is looking for ways to get people interested in the area in general. Tourism plays a big role in the world of winemaking, and newer technologies can make a positive impact.

There are many different aspects to take into account when building such VR experiences. China is one of the biggest consumers of Australian wines as of right now. Any winemaking experience – either in VR or AR – will need to cater to these people as well. China is also a region where these emerging technologies are slowly gaining a foothold among consumers.

Whether or not this venture will prove to be successful, is a different matter entirely. The initial response seems to be quite positive, but there is still a lot of work to be done. This further confirms newer technologies such as VR and AR can completely transform existing business models, especially in the marketing department.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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