Bethesda Will Bring Skyrim VR to PCs in April

Exciting developments continue to happen in the world of virtual reality. Bethesda has officially announced they are bringing Skyrim VR to the desktop gaming community. This is a major development for both the developers and the VR community as a whole. Until now, the game is only available on PlayStation VR.

Skyrim VR is Coming to PC

It is good to see how Bethesda wants to expand the overall appeal of Skyrim VR. Although the game has been a major success on the PlayStation VR, there are other platforms which have to be explored .Especially with Skyrim being played heavily on PCs, it is only normal Bethesda wants to bring the VR version to PC gamers all over the world. It is expected this PC version will become available as of April 3rd, which will certainly give a lot of players something to look forward to.

As one would come to expect, the PC version will have benefits over the PlayStation VR counterpart. The graphics will be more polished, the overall look and feel will be improved a bit, and the game will possibly be even more immersive. It is also the ninth discrete SKU for Skyrim since first being released in 2011. This game franchise continues to attract a lot of players around the world, even though there are a ton of people who never played it as well.

It seems the Skyrim VR for PC will be available to both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners. However, the Oculus version may come to market slightly sooner, which is something worth keeping an eye on moving forward. More specifically, the game will have Oculus support baked in, which is rather uncommon for Bethesda VR games. A positive change overall, albeit it remains to be seen how the game will look and feel in the end.

Unfortunately, there will be no support for game mods on launch. This is a conscious decision made by Bethesda, as the team wants to focus on making Skyrim VR look and perform great on computers first and foremost. It is possible mod support will arrive at a later date, but nothing has been officially confirmed as of right now.  This may be a bit of a drawback for fans of the game who have purchased it multiple times over in the past, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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