Can i sit Down While Using a VR Headset?

When people think of virtual reality, it is only normal they would wear a headset whilst standing up. However, a lot of VR content can also be consumed while sitting down, which is quite interesting. It is rather surprising to learn so few realize VR can be experienced while sitting. In fact, it may be a preferred method of consuming content other than video games.

Sitting Works Just Fine for VR Content Consumption

One thing most people tend to overlook is how not everyone will use VR for gaming. Granted, games are the bigger sector in VR right now, which is to be expected. Playing these games will effectively require to stand up while wearing an HMD, despite some exceptions here and there. When it comes to different types of VR content, standing is optional.

For example, a lot of users watch 360-degree videos in virtual reality. Depending on what type of video content this is, it makes little sense to stand up straight. For concerts, one may prefer to get up on their feet once in a while. Most videos, for example, may better be expressing while sitting down. It will also help to reduce motion sickness, which can affect quite  a lot of VR users.

It is always important to determine whether you want to sit or stand for most of your VR experiences. There is nothing wrong with either – or a combination of both – but certain hardware tends to lend itself toward one option more than the other. Not everyone has a dedicated room for VR purposes, and sitting down may be their only available option. It is perfectly acceptable to sit down while wearing a VR headset, to say the least.

One thing to keep in mind when sitting down in VR is the hardware one uses. It appears most consumers are in favor of using the Oculus Rift for sit-down VR experiences. It is a cheaper brand compared to the HTC Vive while offering a near identical experience. The PlayStation VR is another option as well for gamers who want to sit down and enjoy some offerings that way. There is no “bad” headset to use while sitting down, though, but it is good to know what other tends to prefer.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.