This Guy Set the New Guinness World Record by Spending 36 Hours in VR

On April 2nd 2017, Jack McNee set the new official Guinness world record for the longest time spent in a Virtual Reality environment. The previous record, was set by Derek Westerman who spent 25 hours immersed...

Everyone Can Now Check Out Drake’s Drizzy Manor in Virtual Reality

One of the main selling points of virtual experience is how it immerses people in a different environment. In most cases, the average consumer wants to wander around different places and get an impression...
google cardboard vr

Google Extends WebVR Functionality To Cardboard VR Headsets

Google has been working hard on making their VR solutions more accessible to consumers. Not only has the company launched a very affordable VR headset, but they have also implemented WebVR in the Google...
video editing

Flipside is a Full-Fledged Animated Video Content Creation Platform In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is making a big impact on the consumer sector as of right now. Video games are seeing an influx of VR support already. Now it appears the very first virtual reality TV...


TheVRSoldier From Software PS VR

From Software Announces a Potential AAA Game For the PlayStation VR

Bringing more video games to the VR industry can only be considered to be a positive development. Especially when that game has the potential...