Chinese Township Builds a VR Center to Strengthen Communist Party Loyalty

The number of potential use cases for virtual reality technology is astronomically high. Unlocking all of those features is a different matter altogether. In China, the town of Qingyang is looking to build a new VR center for political purposes. The main objective is stiffening Communist Party loyalty, which remains the go-to political aptitude in China.

Politics and VR Collide in China

It was a matter of time until someone decided to use virtual reality for political purposes. This new venture in the Chinese town of Qingyang is not necessarily what some people had envisioned. Contributing $110,000 to build a brand new VR center sounds promising at first. Unfortunately, it is done to reinforce the people’s allegiance to the Communist Party, rather than something else.

In a way, this is not entirely surprising either. The Communist Party remains the strongest political force in China. However, there is some dissent on this front, and the Qingyang township party wants to ensure the order is maintained at all costs. As such, the VR center will indoctrinate citizens on the values of the Communist Party.

The first order of business is showing a documentary about Communist heroes. Afterward, the viewers will answer a questionnaire on a wide range of topics, ranging from political theories to discipline. It has taken some time to develop the proper VR scenarios in this regard, but the location is in use since late April 2018.

Whether or not this venture can be successful, remains to be seen. This is certainly one of the most unique use cases for VR. although one that also raises questions. Communist Party members are under a bit of scrutiny in Qingyang, but it seems the unrest will be quenched soon.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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