Clemson University Announces VR-based Robotics Learning Venture

From an educational point of view, virtual reality technology offers a lot of potential for the future. Clemson University students can now learn robotics through a dedicated VR program. This new educational effort has also secured $1.79m in funding from the Office of Naval Research.

Using VR as an Educational Medium

Even though most people see virtual reality as an entertainment technology, its full range of potential is a lot broader. In the educational department, various ventures tap VR as a way to make classes more engaging. A visualized and hands-on approach can get students more excited about the content they are dealing with.

VR Technology can also introduce a more immersive learning experience as a whole. Clemson University is exploring some interesting options in this regard through the TIME for Robotics venture. It will try to reach a generation of students who are concerned robots will take away most of their potential jobs in the future. Instead, they will learn about the necessity of robots in the manufacturing industry.

No one can deny the manufacturing landscape requires new and innovative technologies. Providing the workforce of tomorrow with the skills they need is a top priority for Clemson University. As such, TIME for Robotics seems to find its mark right away. Deepening and diversifying the pool of workers ready for jobs in advanced manufacturing is an option worth exploring.

All courses will be divided into separate modules designed to supplement existing classroom lessons. There is no intention to replace traditional lessons with their VR counterparts at this time, as there is no need for doing so. A curriculum will be developed between Clemson and Greenville Technical College to enhance this project moving forward.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.