Explore the Inside of a Black Hole With This new VR app

Exploring space is something most of us will never get to do in person, unfortunately. Thankfully, virtual reality can help out in this regard. While it is not even remotely the same as flying into space and watching the stars, it is also a far safer method of exploring phenomena in space. The Black Hole VR app, available for both Android and iOS, is pretty interesting to take a look at. It lets you venture into a black hole.

Black Hole VR is a Different Kind of Experience

It is evident there are some interesting prospects regarding space exploration in virtual reality. Being able to effectively explore the vast outskirts of the unknown without effectively going there is rather intriguing. Whether or not there is enough demand for such tools and services, is something else entirely, though. Establishing the demand for such tools can only be done by unleashing new applications onto the masses. In this particular case, the Black Hole VR app allows anyone to travel as a probe on a one-way trip into a massive black hole.

This sounds legitimately scary, as it should. A black hole is no something tot rifle with, even though we barely understand these formations and how they evolve. We know black holes form when massive stars burn out and collapse to a dense point. A black hole cna devour anything and everything on its path, including entire planets and potentially even solar systems. As recent research shows, black holes are bigger and more numerous than originally assumed. It is due time people learn more about this force of nature.

Putting together an app for virtual reality users is a great way to go about things. The┬ácenter of a┬áblack hole isn’t something humans can ever explore personally until we find a way to circumvent the downsides. It would be amazing if we could ever find out what happens inside a black hole, but for now, that is still a big mystery. All we can do is send probes to such black holes and analyze the data they send back.

In the Black Hole VR app, users are one of such robotic probes flying toward the black hole. More specifically, this black hole was formed after two other holes merged together. Everything is visualized with the help of two physicists to make everything look and feel as genuine as possible. It is definitely a different type of VR experience, but one certainly worth checking out if you are passionate about science in any way.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.