Facebook Seemingly has no Strategy to get More People Excited About VR

No one will deny Facebook is trying to make a big name for itself in the VR industry. Despite the firm’s best intentions, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Internal struggles confirm the future of virtual reality is anything but set in stone. It is difficult to cater to consumers, especially because most of them have no idea what would make VR more appealing to them.

The Long Road Ahead for Facebook

It is blatantly obvious most consumers could not care less about virtual reality. Identifying the key reasons for this disinterest has proven challenging. Cheaper VR headsets clearly are not the answer, nor are more expensive units. For Facebook, this makes life a lot more difficult. Mark Zuckerberg still wants to put one billion headsets into consumers’ hands. So far, his company falls well short of reaching this goal.

As such, the company needs to come up with a new plan. Low-cost headsets are not the solution to a bigger underlying problem. While virtual reality is fun for a short while it is not something most people want to experience at home. There are also the costs associated with a high-end computer to properly enjoy VR technology.

While VR is fun for a while, it fails to deliver a”wow factor” to most people. Addressing that problem will be quite difficult. This will ultimately result in lower sales figures for VR headsets and accessories. This poses significant problems for Facebook and Oculus, as they continue to struggle for traction. A large portion of the world isn’t even aware either company is associated with virtual reality technology.

For now, it would appear the Oculus team is uncertain what to do next. Their different approaches have failed so far, and it seems there is no course of action right now. Hardware is only part of the equation first and foremost. The industry lacks proper use cases and long-term content to enjoy besides games. Until that changes, Facebook will not even come close to its one billion target.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.