Full Sail University Taps VR to Revamp Online Classes

The potential use cases for Vr technology are almost limitless. So many things can be achieved with virtual reality, it is almost difficult to find the right starting point. For Full Sail University, tapping VR makes a lot of sense. They want to make students feel less isolated, especially when taking online classes.

Full Sail University Embraces VR

In this day and age, taking online classes during one’s college stint is almost the new normal. While this concept sounds appealing, there are also a fair few drawbacks. Solving those problems is not all that easy or straightforward. For Full Sail University, the solution lies in the VR industry. With the university’s new virtual classroom app, a new era dawns upon the students.

Through this virtual classroom app, remote students will no longer feel so isolated. That remains one of the big drawbacks when taking online classes. There is no one around you, which can create a sense of isolationism. Although having no one to distract you is a plus, it can also have the opposite effect.

Known as Rumii, the app is very similar to most teleconferencing solutions. Users can customize their avatar and meeting space while still taking online classes together from anywhere in the world. There is an option to share documents, host presentations, and browse the web on a massive screen. This application will also come to mobile VR systems in the future.

Whether or not this will transform the way online classes are taught, remains to be seen. Virtual reality opens up a lot of new opportunities. VR-enhanced lessons are certainly an option worth looking into for Full Sail University. For now, the venture will mainly focus on technical training courses, such as 3D animation and game design.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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