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Gaming and Pornography are the Two Biggest Draws for the VR Industry

It may come as no surprise but video games and porn are the two key drivers within today’s burgeoning VR industry.

In a study conducted by SexLikeReal, the company found that based on the recent video game sales figures released by Steam, the industry on an average drew in a total of $50 million in title sales alone. In addition to this, through some personal polls and statistics, the company also found that a sizeable portion of the overall revenue within this space was coming from porn as well as other adult entertainment avenues.

In relation to this matter, SexLikeReal CEO, Alex Novak, had the following words to say

“It’s interesting to compare that figure with our previous research about the VR porn market in 2017, which saw sales of $18 million in gross revenue. Looking at sales over the same period as the data from Steam we estimate a total of $50 million with around 6,000 VR videos being released to date, with $15 million in revenue in 2018. So far, VR games and VR porn appear to be the biggest consumer markets.”

About the SexLikeReal VR app

As the name implies, the SexLikeReal app is designed to serve as a digitized marketplace for VR porn. Not only does it allows users to buy and stream adult content, but the app also has a strong user base that exceeds nearly 600k customers.

In addition to all this, Novak also addressed some of the other concerns surrounding today’s porn industry.

“The biggest porn sites are tube streaming sites with a business model that sets back the whole industry by giving away allegedly stolen content for free, for the cost of watching third party ads — with little to no money going to the actual content producers. Luckily, the negative effect of these tube sites is less severe for VR porn”.

Final Thoughts

With hardware sales figures on the downturn, many people had begun to assume that the VR industry as a whole was declining. However, when adult entertainment is factored into the VR equation, things start to become much more interesting.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.