Google’s Tour Creator Makes VR Content Creation a lot Easier

Getting a more hands-on experience with VR technology is an effort worth looking into. Google acknowledges the technology needs to be made more accessible. Its Tour Creator tool is designed for teachers and students alike. Anyone can use their own VR tour using images from Google Street View or their own 360-degree content.

Tour Creator is a Major Breakthrough

Up until now, it seems as if only experts have access to tools to create VR experiences. While that is not entirely true, the industry needs a more user-friendly approach. Google is the first major company to make a positive impact in this regard. Its Tour Creator is a viable tool to get more people excited about creating tours in virtual reality.

This application works well with Google Cardboard as well as the company’s Expeditions app. If there is more VR content to enjoy and create, the technology may finally make a bigger mainstream impact. The Creator Tool can prove to be an interesting addition in this regard.

With students and teachers being able to create their own experiences and stories, a new chapter in VR’s history is written. All users need is imagery from Google Street View or their own 360-degree photos. A cover photo is also more than welcome in this regard. Scenes can contain “visual aids” to let viewers learn more point points of interest, for example.

As one would expect, users can publish their creations to Poly. It will be interesting to see how different creators tackle the virtually limitless opportunities at their disposal. Created tours can be shared to social media or embedded on existing websites. Viewing the content is possible through web browsers or Google’s Cardboard VR viewer.  

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.