HoloKit is a Google Cardboard Solution for Augmented Reality Enthusiasts

Most virtual reality enthusiasts are familiar with the concept of Google Cardboard. It is an affordable and different way to experience VR. It now appears HoloKit is a solution that does almost the same but focuses on augmented reality instead. This goes to show there is a bright future ahead for cardboard-based HMDs for both VR and AR. Moreover, HoloKit can bring some stiff competition to HoloLens moving forward.

HoloKit is an Intriguing Tool For AR Users

It is not hard to see why VR enthusiasts keep a close eye on augmented reality as well. Both types of technologies are quite significant and will help shape the future of our society. However, there is no feasible way to experience augmented reality right now. A lot of [people are waiting for Microsoft to make their HoloLens available to the masses. That may take a while though, and not everyone wants to wait that long.

This is where the HoloKit comes into the picture. At first glance, it looks almost identical to Google Cardboard, albeit it has a slightly elongated shape. This DIY solution is both affordable and clever. Anyone looking to experience augmented reality before an official HMD comes to market may want to look into this project as of right now. It doesn’t even require much additional equipment either, even though the HoloLens will probably provide a much better experience.

Users will need a smartphone with AR capabilities. That should not be a problem since most recent models provide said functionality with relative ease. Moreover, the HoloKit comes with a pair of mirrors reflecting the smartphone display onto an angled lens. This allows users to see both the image project in AR and the real world behind it. Additionally, the phone’s sensors and cameras will keep track of your real-world surroundings. The HoloKit is a very clever idea, to say the least.

While this project may not be as high-grade as a Microsoft HoloLens, the tool can serve its purpose regardless. Especially from an educational point of view. A cardboard AR headset will find its place in the augmented reality market, that much is certain. All of the code and associated documentation will be posted on GitHub next week. It will be quite interesting to see if the HoloKit can gain any major market traction.

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Image Source: TechCrunch

By Mark Arguinbaev

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