HP Partners DiSTI to Develop Enterprise-grade VR Training Experiences

Virtual reality offers a great platform for a new breed of training tools. So far, there have been several ventures in this regard, with more coming to market every single month. HP Inc is now looking to bring VR training to enterprises all over the world. An interesting decision, and one that will potentially lead to more immersive customer experiences.

HP Inc Has Hopes for VR

To put all of this into perspective, HP inc is partnering with DiSTI. As part of this new partnership, both companies will develop new VR training tools dedicated to the enterprise sector. That in itself is an interesting course of action. So far, various companies have shown an interest in virtual reality training, albeit all on a rather small scale first and foremost.

This new venture will bring 3D virtual training solutions to many different industries. DiSTI focuses its attention on mixed reality and virtual reality applications first and foremost. A study by Deloitte confirms AR and VR will continue to make inroads in the enterprise sector over the next few years. Whether or not this will be achieved through this venture by HP Inc, remains to be determined.

DiSTI Chief Revenue Officer John Cunningham explains the company’s decision as follows:

“There is tremendous market demand for enterprise-level virtual training solutions that can be rapidly implemented, are cost-effective and can be developed and managed by internal staff,” according to John Cunningham, chief revenue officer of DiSTI. Many companies have identified the need to implement VR-enabled training but struggle with how to get started and scale due to the lack of internal expertise and the availability of cost-effective solutions.”

For the time being, it remains a bit unclear which industries HP plans t target in the near future. A lot of options remain on the table as of right now, although not every industry will benefit from these solutions either. For HP, it is pertinent to take the right approach in the coming months. An interesting future lies ahead in the world of VR training exercises.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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