HP Wants Your Help to Design Martian Cities in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a pretty interesting piece of technology, to say the least. Hewlett Packard is giving away free copies of Fusion Mars 2030. This is a promotional effort to get more people interested in creating Martian cities in VR. Quite an interesting project, although no one will board a rocket to visit Mars anytime soon. Then again, having an option to reinvent life on Mars does sound quite appealing.

HP Views VR as an Ally to Design Martian Cities

On paper, it sounds quite strange to have everyday users design a Martian city. Then again, it also makes a lot of sense. Using the wisdom of the crowd often yields pretty interesting results, to say the least. If people get to experience Mars in virtual reality for themselves, they may come up with ideas on how to colonize this planet. That is, assuming that is still one of the plans for NASA and other space agencies moving forward. It certainly seems this promotion campaign by HP is hinting at such a future.

Anyone signing up for this promotional campaign will be given free access to Fusion Mars 2030. More specifically the first 10,000 participants will get a free copy of Fusion Mars 2030 VRR. This app will be made available for download in early August, although no precise date has been set. Anyone using this app will also be eligible to help design future settlements on Mars. It seems there is a plan in motion to effectively establish a city on the Red Planet, although that will be faced with many different challenges.

The goal is to create a Martian environment capable of housing 1 million humans. The Fusion Mars 2030 VR app will be of great help in this regard. Users will collaborate with visionaries and be eligible to win great prizes. It does not appear anyone can win a trip to Mars, but getting your hands on a free VR app is not too shabby either. The big winner will have their design included in the Mars VR experience moving forward.

It’s good to see technology giants such as Hewlett Packard pay close attention to virtual reality technology. Other than traveling to Mars directly, VR is the second best option accessible to millions of people on this planet. Despite VR adoption still going slow, projects like these could quickly change all of that. We can only hope people will gladly take up HP on this offer and start developing some complex structures for the future.  

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.