HTC Looks to Bring Viveport VR Subscription Service to Other HMDs

Up until this point, very few people have taken notice of VR content subscription services. That is somewhat surprising, even though there are still the early stages of this technology. HTC’s Viveport subscription service may soon come to the Oculus Rift headset. This is quite an interesting move by the company, to say the least. Especially when considering how Viveport has recently doubled its available content.

VR and Subscription Services Could be an Interesting Mix

Although the HTC Viveport VR content subscription service has flown under the radar, it is quite interesting to check out. It is merely designed to bring more interesting content to VR users worldwide. One way to do so is through an affordable subscription service, even though it is only accessible through the HTC Vive. Or to be more specific, that was the case, as Oculus Rift users may be able to access it as well very soon.

These news caught quite a few people by surprise, to say the least. The service has only been around since April of 2017, yet the content has already doubled since that time. The company is also exploring ways to bring this content to other VR headset models in the future. The bigger question is how this will happen exactly,  but more information will be made available in the coming weeks.

It does appear the business model of the Viveport service will remain the same across all platforms. For the price of $6.99 per month, users can access up to five titles per month. These titles can then be swapped out later on, or users can hold onto them. Right now, the platform provides access to around 150 games, which is quite impressive. The available content will continue to increase in quantity as more time progresses, though.

Subscription services such as this one are a great way to introduce more people to VR content. Paying a fixed fee to access up to five titles is quite affordable. Accessing the VR ecosystem is expensive enough already, with headsets costing as much as US$800. The business model can be compared to Netflix and Spotify, but then for VR games. It will be interesting to see if this service will be made available to Google Daydream users in the future.

Image Source: HTCsource

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