HTC Moves its Yearly VR Developer Conference to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology can be used to one’s advantage in many different ways. HTC, a manufacturer of mobile devices and VR hardware, is moving its Vice Ecosystem to a virtual space over coronavirus concerns. 

HTC Fully Embraces Virtual Reality

It is pertinent for companies hosting and attending events to take note of the current coronavirus concerns. This novel coronavirus is causing havoc on a global scale. Not only is it disrupting tourism, but also people’s everyday lives.

During uncertain times like these, it is pertinent to not take any unwarranted risks. That is especially true where one’s health is concerned. Not attending conferences, or even not holding events at all, seems to be the best course of action right now. 

Even HTC acknowledges something will need to change. Its yearly Vive Ecosystem Conference touches upon the company’s vision for VR technology and software. Rather than a physical event, the entire conference is now being moved to virtual reality. A smart decision, given the current novel coronavirus concerns.

For developers, this will be an interesting shift. The conference will be hosted on Engage, which serves as an education and corporate training VR solution. Anyone owning any VR headset can join the platform and watch the conference accordingly.

The Engage platform offers many advantages. For example, there is no limit as to how many viewers log in simultaneously. Secondly, the event will be recorded spatially. This gives developers an option to rewatch sessions in six degrees of freedom VR. All of this will serve as a tool for HTC to showcase what it has been building and streamlining in recent years. 

For those watching the event in VR, maintaining personal hygiene is crucial. We recently put together a brief list of precautions one can take for little to no extra cost or effort. Personal hygiene is always important, but especially with COVID-19 making the rounds. 

By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.