HTC’s Hybrid VR Headset is met With Mixed Reactions

During CES 2019, it was to be expected there would be some VR-related announcements. Big was people’s surprise when HTC announced a new consumer-oriented virtual reality headset. It is also somewhat of a hybrid, which may take PC-based virtual reality into the mainstream.

HTC Isn’t Giving up on Virtual Reality

It has become more apparent than ever before virtual reality needs some quick success in 2019. Failure to do so may put the industry on the backburner due to insurmountable challenges. Whether or not HTC’s new VR headset will get more people excited, is a different matter altogether. While a hybrid VR headset seems appealing, it may not necessarily get too many people excited either.

Known as the Vive Cosmos, the headset focuses on position-tracking and tracked hand controllers. It is not just usable in conjunction with a computer, as it can also be powered through “other means”. A bit of a vague statement on HTC’s behalf, although that shouldn’t come as a big surprise. A lot of details regarding this new unit remain shrouded in mystery at this time.

After multiple attempts at capturing the consumer VR headset market, this may very well be HTC’s final shot at trying to do so. The HTC Vive is still considered as a somewhat successful unit, although the recent price cuts are hurting overall profits. Moreover, it has become apparent HTC is losing the competitive war with Oculus and other emerging players at a rather alarming pace.

Until more details are announced, it remains to be seen if people will flock to this new hardware. More specifically, the part of “powering it without a PC” sure sounds appealing. With no price point or actual specifications announced, overall interest in this product will be relatively low. For HTC, the coming months may prove to be crucial in terms of maintaining their position in the VR industry.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.