Huh Token Scam Targets The VR Soldier With DDOS Attacks

After we reported about the Huh token being a scam last week, we’ve been recently hit with HTTP flood DDOS attacks on our servers. The DDOS attacks are pointed towards our article that exposed Huh token for being a scam and is ranked at the top on Google search.

When we encountered the DDOS attack, we sent an email to [email protected] asking to stop the DDOS. We received a response right away, saying:

“Please inform me when it is down as I still see it on Google. Once this is done we will stop the legal action against your company.”

In this email, the “legal action” the scammers are referring to, is really them saying they will stop the DDOS attack once the articles are removed.

To test out that theory, we decided to remove the Huh token scam articles to see if the DDOS would stop. When we replied to the email saying the articles have been removed, the DDOS also magically stopped.

Lucky for us, our servers are running on Cloudflare which can mitigate a simple HTTP DDOS attack with a click of a button. If some of you are seeing a Cloudflare JS script when first loading onto our pages, just know that it’s a temporary measure we’re taking in order to mitigate against the attack.

Taking a look at the requests’ IP addresses, we noticed they were all bots from China and India. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if the Huh token team is also based out of China, but that is yet to be verified.

This isn’t the first or the last bad actors we will encounter in the crypto space. By exposing a lot of these scams, you run the risk of being targeted by the scammers. That’s a big reason why many publications avoid talking about the bad and ugly in crypto.

The VR Soldier is dedicated to fighting scams in the crypto space, even if it means dealing with unpleasantries like this. This is a reminder that crypto scams are still highly active, but if we pool our resources to stop these scams from propagating in the first place, we can all benefit from a cleaner and higher quality ecosystem.

Huh Token Scam Warning – Do Not Buy!

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By Paul Brabus

Paul Brabus is a crypto journalist and enthusiast. He loves reading and writing about all things crypto.