Intellisense Introduces the Yaw, a Portable VR Motion Controller

Although virtual reality technology is very enjoyable, it is difficult to replicate the environments properly. More specifically, when moving around in VR, your body is often sitting or standing still. It is difficult to offer the actual sensation of movement with the current technology. At the same time, Intellisense has come up with a portable VR motion simulator which will attract a lot of attention. The project can currently be found on Kickstarter and the company aims to raise $150,000.

A Brave Attempt by Intellisense

It is not the first time a company has come up with a “rig” that lets you experience virtual reality like never before. More specifically, a lot of players are looking for gadgets capable of creating the ultimate immersive experience. That is much easier said than done, though, as such hardware seemingly doesn’t exist right now. Intellisense thinks they have the key to crack this code once and for all. That is, assuming their Kickstarter campaign for $150,000 turns out to be a success. Even then, there are still no guarantees, though.

More specifically, Intellisense has come up with a VR motion simulator in a small form factor. Although calling it “portable” may be a bit of a stretch, it certainly looks like something you could transport to another location without any issues. Moreover, the unit is rather lightweight and offers three degrees of freedom. When using the device, others should hear “virtually no sound” emanating from the device. Assuming that is true, Intellisense may be on to something here.

Known as the Yaw, this motion simulator can be “purchased” for the price of $890 on Kickstarter. Shipping will occur in August 2018, although these products often have to deal with delays sooner or later. There is also a demo of the Yaw at CES 2018 for those who are attending the conference. ¬†Right now, the VR headset only works with computer-based VR headsets. However, the developers are working on supporting the PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and future standalone headsets as well.

With unlimited 360-degrees of movement on the vertical axis and 50 degrees of movement along the horizontal axis, the Yaw is pretty interesting to keep an eye on. The Intellisense team also plans to launch future units designed for kids, “heavier” users, and a Pro version is also on the horizon. All of this will hinge on the success of the company’s Kickstarter, which is off to a relatively slow start so far. ¬†The campaign runs for another 6 weeks, though, which gives the company ample time to meet its goal.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.