Macy’s Taps VR to Improve In-store Furniture Sales

More and more companies are turning their attention to virtual reality as of right now. Macy’s, a well-known US brand, is now embracing this solution to sell furniture. In-store virtual reality experiences are designed to showcase room layouts in some of their locations as of right now. A very surprising turn of events, albeit one that showcases the benefits of VR as well.

The Future of VR and AR for Macy’s

It is evident any sort of store can benefit from virtual reality technology in its current form. When selling goods to customers, they have a hard time visualizing the item in their home. This is especially true when dealing with more expensive purchases, such as fridges, televisions, and even furniture. Macy’s has come up with a solution in this regard, even though they are not the only ones making strides in this regard.

More specifically, the current plan is to bring in-store virtual reality experiences to 50 Macy’s locations by the summer of 2018. Considering how the company wants to focus further on selling furniture to their clients in the coming months, it is evident embracing innovative technologies can play a big role in the process. While there is no guarantee this new project will effectively work, the concept certainly holds a lot of merit for Macy’s and others.

Speaking of which, we see a fair few other companies embrace VR and AR technology as well to sell furniture. As of right now, Ikea, Amazon, and Target are all suing either VR or AR to improve their sales figures as we speak. Macy’s, however, is using pure VR to demo furniture to customers, which is still a very different approach, all things considered. Moreover, these demos also leads to far fewer concerns when it comes to ensuring furniture fits in clients’ homes.

It seems to be a matter of time until every type of store selling physical goods will embrace VR technology in one way or another. There are many benefits to doing so, even though VR is still often considered to be a niche trend first and foremost. Whether or not Macy’s will see a higher number of furniture sales due to this development, remains to be seen. Anything is possible in this regard, as developments like these are positive for the industry as a whole.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.