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MechaChain’s $MECHA Finally Listed on Uniswap on Monday, March 21!

This is great news for MechaChain! The game still in development, which managed to raise over 5 million euros in a few hours last December, is about to be listed… And we explain what that means.

A Quick Reminder of the Facts

MECHACHAIN is a 3D game in development that features two types of space conquering robots that compete in battles to win Mechanium aka $MECHA, the game’s token. Behind it all? A group of French friends with a passion for technology and gaming.

After offering a preview of the upcoming game with more than enviable designs, they set the web on fire in late 2021 by proving that enticing visuals made in Pixar and a competent team could gather a huge community and attract worthy investors for the private sale and fundraising. A great success since within a few hours Roman Czerny. Romàn Czerny, Frank Houbre, Maxime le Morillon and Thibaut Dumont managed to raise more than 5 million euros.

Until now and since the public sale it was possible to buy Mechanium by connecting directly to the website, but a big step is about to be taken!

MechaChain Listing

It’s official, $Mecha will finally be available on the Uniswap exchange platform! 

For those of you who are new to this, let’s take a moment to explain what a listing is: 

A listing is when a project makes tokens available to be exchanged on a particular platform. As long as a crypto-currency is not listed on a platform, it is not possible to make buying or selling transactions related to the token.

You are not dreaming, the $MECHA will become from this Monday a currency of exchange, investment, purchase, or withdrawal as you wish. The first step towards the recognition of the token. Uniswap being one of the most used platforms, we advise the first arrivals not to miss the opportunity because as soon as a token is on a popular platform, its price tends to increase rapidly…

Facilitating Transactions With MetaMask?

Yes, but not only! MechaChain has chosen to partner with Sequence… for those who don’t know yet, we are happy to explain: Sequence is an Ethereum wallet that makes Web3 easy for everyone, even if they don’t have a clue about crypto.

Sequence offers:

– a multi-chain experience (Ethereum & Polygon, more to come).

– social logins (apple, google, discord, etc.) and email login

– a wallet technology without guard, without a starting phrase either

– a UX optimized for NFTs

The Sequence app is built by Horizons, the company behind Skyweaver.

How will it contribute to MechaChain’s success? MechaChain and Sequence will work closely together to achieve what play-to-earn and NFT game projects have not yet achieved: reaching the mass market.

With Sequence’s social login and email, all users will be able to log in to MechaChain and have their own Ethereum wallet without any additional complexity, just like they would log in to any other mobile game:

Small clarification 

The game is not yet released and is still in development, but nothing prevents you from buying $MECHA to invest, to support the development of the game, or simply to be among the first to embark on the project and be able to enjoy the benefits when the game is officially launched!

Because even if playing MechaChain is free, the $MECHA earnings will allow players to buy NFTs that will increase the power of their robots and thus win battles that will generate more $MECHA. A play2earn concept for players that will leave no one indifferent! But we’ll talk about it again in a few months, once the gaming machine is launched.

Contract Address:

Mechanium (ETH): 0xc5bcc8ba3f33ab0d64f3473e861bdc0685b19ef5

Mechanium (POLY) : 0xacd4e2d936be9b16c01848a3742a34b3d5a5bdfa

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release and does not constitute trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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