New VR App Teaches Australian Children About Recycling

Educational efforts can benefit from VR technology in many different ways. So far, there have been a few interesting apps being brought to market, but no major trends to speak of. In Australia, a new app has launched to educate children about recycling. It is a pretty interesting approach and one that highlights the potential of this technology.

Recycling Lessons in VR Have Merit

Getting creative with virtual reality technology for educational purposes is always a trend worth keeping an eye on. Creative Agency Protein One and Roto Studios have joined forces to make this happen. Their latest VR app educates children in Australia about the benefits of recycling and how the process works when the recycling process takes place in dedicated locations.

As one would expect, there is a hands-on experience to take note of. Children can sort through the trash in VR, which provides them with valuable insights recovering resource recovery. It is not a piece of video content either, as it is as interactive as one would expect.

More specifically, the VR app has successfully recreated the recycling facility in Hume to its exact scale. Virtual reality technology allows for an up-close and hands-on approach when it comes to education. Unfortunately, most applications are mainly informative without any real interaction. We can only hope to see more creations like this one come to market in the future.

For the time being, this application is being offered at the Hume facility’s Recycling Discover Hub. It is unclear if there will be other ways to access this application in the future, as it would make it a bit easier on schools and teachers alike. Even so, this is by far one of the most appealing VR educational apps to date.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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