NextVR Tries its Hand at Sports Broadcasting in Virtual Reality

There may be a future for virtual reality in the TV industry after all. Sports fans all over the world are always looking for the best quality and the most immersive experience. To bring a VR spin to regular broadcasts, new cameras will need to be created. Combined with other dedicated developments, the future of watching sports on TV may transform significantly.

VR Can Transform Sports on TV

Although there have been vast improvements when it comes to sports broadcasts, there is still plenty of work to be done. Despite offering numerous camera angles, the current watching experience is anything but immersive at this stage. NextVR is confident they can elevate sports watching to a whole new level with virtual reality.

According to Danny Keens, there are “numerous opportunities to explore”. Teleporting fans to the game is the company’s main objective. This will apply to any form of sports one enjoys watching, although the efforts will primarily focus on the US market at this time.

The first order of business is broadcasting the International Champions Cup. This game takes place at the Rosebowl Stadium and pits Barcelona versus Tottenham Hotspur. This game will be broadcasted through VR cameras, allowing fans to move around the venue, watch from the sidelines, and so much more.

Not all sports lend themselves to VR immersion. Some sports are suited a lot better to such a close-up view compared to others. NextVR will have its own commentators to keep viewers engaged. Everyone tuning in will be able to watch everything pertaining to the game at hand. It is a very interesting concept, although it remains to be seen if this will elevate VR to a whole new level.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.