Nickelodeon’s Meet the Voxel is a VR and AR Show for Children

The virtual reality industry is filled with innovative technologies. Transcending beyond VR is also gaining in popularity, as augmented reality is taking off as an industry. Nickelodeon acknowledges the potential of AR by creating a new TV show for kids. Meet the Voxels is a VR and AR series exclusive to this network.

Nickelodeon Banks on VR and AR

Creating new content for the VR and AR platforms is one way of getting more consumers excited about these technologies. For Nickelodeon, the world’s leading kid-centric TV channel, this technology can offer a lot of benefits. The company acknowledges original programming is the way forward, and tapping into both AR and VR is a remarkable decision in this regard.

Their new project goes by the name of Meet the Voxels. It is a brand new cartoon which highlights the potential of virtual cinema technology. This includes the use of real-time full body and facial performance capture. From the immersive storytelling point of view, this new show will be unlike anything the TV network has produced and broadcasted before.

Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab Senior VP Chris Young adds:

“Our vision is to take the real-time technology we’ve been exploring in the Lab and marry it with a creative concept that connects with kids and their passion for video games. We designed this next-gen animation workflow and filled it with characters who can exist naturally across multiple platforms from day one.”

Meet the Voxels takes viewers behind the scenes of a video game world. It focuses on the daily lives of in-game characters, known as the Voxels. The entire show is created in a game engine which will also allow for companion VR and AR episodes. It is a very different take on content creation through virtual and augmented reality that may put Nickelodeon on the map in both industries.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.