NordicTrack Gamifies Exercise Bikes With VR Technology

Although it remains to be seen which mainstream use cases need a VR component the health and fitness industry is certainly on this list. NordicTrack acknowledges there is room for potential there. Their new VR bike ride experience makes an exercise bike almost feel like a real bike. It also helps users forget they are effectively working out instead of enjoying the virtual scenery.

Revamping Exercise Bike Rides in VR

No one really enjoys working out or doing cardio on a regular basis. Although doing so will often lead to a healthier lifestyle, it still remains a chose in the end. Especially for those who flock to indoor fitness, a solution needs to be found sooner or later. NordicTrack confirms there is a solution on the horizon, as their new VR gaming product can make people forget what they are actually doing, but in a positive way.

Known as the NordicTrack VR bike, this new product integrates HTC Vive Focus technology. As such, users can gamify their workout and tweak their virtual reality experience to their personal liking. It is also another notch in the belt for HTC, even though the company still struggles to make any meaningful inroads in the VR industry to date.

Unlike what one might expect, this new unit will still put one’s body to work quite heavily. The bike will automatically adjust the incline and decline based on one’s surroundings. When moving downhill, users will experience a slight breeze through a built-in fan. It creates a very immersive experience, which is what most people will be looking for when exploring options like these.

As this product was only recently demonstrated at CES 2019, it remains a bit unclear when the product will come to market exactly. It is expected a release will occur near the summer of 2019, but no further specifics have been provided at this time. Each unit will cost $1,999, but that includes the HTC Vive Focus headset and a yearly iFit membership valued at $396. Whether or not there will be a genuine interest in this product, remains to be determined.

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By JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech, VR, and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.