Qualcomm’s XR1 Platform Brings Advanced Features to Mobile VR Headsets

The world of virtual reality is never at a standstill. Qualcomm is looking for ways to make a big impact in this regard. The company has recently unveiled its XR1 platform which focuses specifically on mobile VR. It also supports various features which are only accessible through far more expensive VR headsets as of right now.

Qualcomm’s XR1 can Shake up the Industry

It is commendable to see how dedicated Qualcomm is when it comes to virtual reality. The company is putting in a lot of effort to bring this technology into the mainstream as soon as possible. its new XR1 platform may allow for just that, as it allows for far more advanced mobile VR headsets to be built in the future.

As of right now, the mobile VR headsets are somewhat limited in functionality. That is only normal, as they aren’t powered by an external mobile device or computer. Instead, all of the functionality of these mobile VR headsets is built into the unit itself. Due to space restrictions, there is very little room to work with.

As such the XR1 extended reality platform is a major breakthrough. it supports both VR and AR features, including more advanced functionality which still remains off-limits for mobile headsets. This includes sharper video quality, more degrees of freedom, and so forth. It is all up to Qualcomm’s partners to build on top of this platform and enable the features accordingly.

Considering how the platform will be open to any, a lot of exciting developments can be expected. Anyone partnering with Qualcomm can enhance their headsets or venture into this booming market with relative ease. More competition will result in more interest in these technologies moving forward.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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