Sony Cuts PlayStation VR Prices by 25% in Europe and the UK

The past two years have been pretty impressive for Sony. Their PlayStation VR headset effectively fires on all cylinders as of right now. Even though the unit is widely successful, it will still get a major price drop. More specifically, prices will be cut across Europe, although it remains unclear if the same discounts will come into effect in the US and Asia.

PlayStation VR Price Drop

Getting more people excited about virtual reality is still a problem as of right now. Unlike what most people may expect, the overall demand for VR headsets is still pretty lackluster. As such, even companies such as Sony acknowledge something will have to change sooner rather than later. That is much easier said than done, although the company’s plan seems solid.

More specifically, Sony intends to lower the price of its PlayStation VR Starter Pack in Europe. With a 100 EUR price drop going into effect as of tomorrow, the demand for this unit may increase. Sony is already dominating the “expensive” VR headset market a safe right now, but there’s always room to keep the pressure on other competitors. This starter pack includes the headset, camera, and a download code for PlayStation VR Worlds.

It is not the first time a popular VR headset manufacturer slashes its unit’s prices. Both HTC and Oculus took the same approach late last year. So far, it seems their sales have not seen much effect form this move, but it’s still a bit early to say for sure. With Sony now following suit, all companies are on a level playing field once again. The PlayStation VR remains cheaper than the Vive or Rift, though.

Whether or not clients in the US will also get this discount, remains to be seen. It is a near 25% price drop fro Europe, which is more than welcome at this point. UK customers will also get a similar discount, which is good to see. Even so, the games and experiences developed for these platforms will need to be taken to a higher level as well. With a lack of excellent content to enjoy outside a handful of games, VR still isn’t a mainstream trend by any means.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

Mark is a 28 year old internet entrepreneur. He is a bitcoin enthusiast and a technology addict. He loves writing and educating readers about the newest tech trends.