The KAT Walk Mini for VR Will not Rely on Kickstarter Crowdfunding After all

Even though VR hardware is evolving, there’s still room for improvements. Especially when it comes to immersion, new products will need to be created. A lot of players would like to walk around in VR like they do in real life, yet it will require some external gadgets to achieve this goal. KAT VR will […]

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Dimension Hunter Review – A Decent VR Shooter With Room for Improvements

It doesn’t happen all that often game developers successfully mix a visually appealing game with fun gameplay. Add some cool environments to the mix, and Dimension Hunter becomes an instant hit. Or that is how it would be were it not for its repetitive design and simplistic gameplay. Owners of the HTC Vive and Oculus […]


What is VR Locomotion?

One of the biggest hurdles VR developers have to overcome is called locomotion. As the name somewhat suggests, locomotion revolves around allowing users to move freely in VR, but without experiencing motion sickness. This has been quite a problematic part of VR development for many decades now. VR Locomotion is Difficult To Solve Properly There […]