Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Max FPS

As someone who plays a lot of FPS games like Fortnite, Valorant and Warzone, I’ve spent my fair share lurking forums in hopes of optimizing my game. We all want to increase our FPS and lower our input lag, and there are tons of tutorial available online. In this tutorial, I will show you the […]


Best Warzone Settings for High FPS 2021 (NVIDIA RTX)

It’s been 5 months since I published my last warzone settings for high FPS and low input lag. While 5 months might not seem like a long time, in the gaming world 5 months is an eternity. As such, I thought it was appropriate to make a 2021 guide for the best warzone settings for […]

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NVIDIA RTX – Best Warzone Settings for High FPS

There are tons of settings videos and articles out there for the best graphics settings for call of duty warzone. Unfortunately most of the tutorials out there give misleading information and at the end of the day do more harm than good to your PC and game. I guarantee you that this is the BEST […]