NASA Offers New Selfie and VR Exploration Apps for Space Buffs

NASA continues to pay a lot of attention to virtual reality technology. its latest applications can propel viewers into space. The new selfie and VR apps will put users in a virtual spacesuit and offer a wide variety of exotic cosmic locations to check out. It is another example of how virtual reality can offer […]


NASA Brings Exoplanet Space Travel to Virtual Reality

NASA has been paying a lot of attention to the VR and AR space. The space agency is looking to harness these technologies as a way to let consumers engage with space exploration more and more often. In a recent venture, the agency now lets consumers explore exoplanets in VR. The NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau […]

Games Reviews

Detached Review – A Mixed bag of Great Ideas and Poor Execution

It is not easy to turn a unique idea into a fun and playable VR game. Detached is one of those games with a lot of promise and a very unique atmosphere, but it ultimate doesn’t deliver on the promise. There are a lot of movements involved in this game, which may or may not […]