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The Best VR Headsets Available in the Market Today

Gone are the days when Oculus Rift was the clear forerunner for the “Best VR Headset” award. Over the past few months, the Virtual Reality market has been flooded with a host of alternative headsets that not only deliver crisp, high-res visuals but also offer a deeply immersive VR experience.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best VR-enabled headsets available for purchase today.

HTC Vive Pro

If you’re looking for a high-end headset that is readily compatible with a vast array of gaming devices, then the HTC Vive Pro is the right choice for you. It offers users with high resolutions ranging up to 2,880 x 1,600-pixels along with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Not only that, it also fits quite comfortably on one’s head and can be used wirelessly.

However, the downside is that to make use of Vive Pro, owners are required to possess:

  • A GTX 970 or better graphics card
  • USB 3.0 port
  • DisplayPort 1.2

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Another high-end headset that enthusiasts can potentially look at getting is the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Marketed primarily as a mobile VR headset, Mirage Solo is one of the only products in this category to support six degrees of freedom (6dof). This means that users can not only move their heads around in a VR environment but also their bodies.

Additionally, the headset also features:

  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage.

PSVR – The Sony PlayStation VR Headset

An old timer whose USP lies in the fact that it is compatible with the widely popular PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. From a technical standpoint, we can see that the PSVR is a tethered headset which means that it can connect quite easily with our existing PlayStation device.

While the headset only provides a display resolution of 2,160 x 1,920 pixels, it does boast of a huge library of supported game titles that will make any of its rivals instantly jealous.

Oculus GO 

This is a more affordable variant of the high-end Oculus Rift that is widely considered to be the best VR headset in the market today. GO provides users with access to a huge range of apps and games, along with a solid display resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Not only that, the headset also features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and 32/64GB of storage capacity.

Oculus Rift

Still, the most revered headset in the VR market today, the Oculus Rift not only delivers an overall immersive experience but also boasts of a huge library of apps and games that would put other similar products to shame.

In terms of its specifications, Rift comes with a display unit that delivers an amazing resolution of 2,160 x 2,400 pixels as well as a refresh rate of 90Hz. However, the downside is that to make full use of the headset, the owner must have a Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card along with a minimum 8GB of RAM on their host machine.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.