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The World’s First VR Water Slide is Now Live

After VR technology had been effectively used to recreate an ultra-realistic roller coaster experience, many experts thought it was only a matter of time till the technology would be deployed within the realm water sports.

With VRSlide, BallastVR has done just that. The company recently developed and launched what is now being called the world’s  “first virtual reality water slide.”

Technical details

Adding elements of virtual reality to theme park rides is not uncommon, as recently, Samsung teamed up with Six Flags to create a similar offering.

However, with that being said, what VRSlide is offering is quite impressive. The native headset comes with a body that is wholly custom waterproof and can be completely submerged (up to a few meters) underwater.

In terms of its processing specs, the headset is powered by an integrated Samsung Galaxy S8 that runs custom software (built in Unity). In addition to all this, the device also makes use of a two-part tracking system that utilizes the S8 to listen to ultrasound chirping from sensors and monitors the inertial data that gets compared to riders of various weights to figure out exactly where users are.

Lastly, the headset can be recharged wirelessly, which means that it can be used under a host of flexible circumstances.

Final Take

Ballast, the developer of VRSlide, now plans to use their latest offering as part of a larger aquatic VR setup, which could possibly employ an impressive water tank where users can swim while remaining in a VR environment.

However, this sounds easier said than done since creating such a complex system might not be monetarily feasible in the long run.

By Shiraz Jagati

Shiraz is a VR enthusiast and audiophile who in his spare time loves to stay abreast with all of the latest happenings in the world of music and technology.